10 Best Italian Songs of Years 2000

Best Italy songs

At the beginning of the new millennium, there were many genres that contributed to a new flourishing Italian music. Since the 2000s we have witnessed the creation of summer hits such as Paola and Chiara’s “Vamos a Bailar”, Alex Britti’s “La Vasca” or Negramaro’s “Estate”. moreover, great Italian singers took the path to success overseas. For instance, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero. But, which are the best Italian songs for the 2000s?

10 Best Italian songs of years 2000

We all give songs a different meaning, for instance, the meaning we give to a song or a phrase does not always coincide with what the singer. Therefore, it is hard to define which are the best Italian songs. However, we tried to collect some of the most popular in our article.

From 2000 to today, here you can find a list of the best Italian songs that have been and are the soundtrack of the new millennium. Let’s dive into the past with the 10 best Italian songs from the early 2000s. We also have a list of the best Italian songs from the 70s’ if you’re interested in something retro.

1. Sere Nere

Everyone experienced “sere nere” or blue nights, right? Those evenings when one feels melancholy, sad, and empty. We even come to think that we might be wrong.

Tiziano Ferro’s most famous song is about one of those moments. It is one of the best Italian songs of the 2000s, and the tune is famous also in Spain and Germany.

2. Luce

Elisa is probably the most important female voice that appeared in Italy at the end of the century. The song “Luce” is the result of a collaboration between Elisa and Zucchero Fornaciari, with which she won the Sanremo Festival in 2021.

She first wrote an English version called “Come Speak to Me”. The song has also been judged the best Italian song of the years 2001-2010. The lyric talks about the fragile condition of a relationship with broken communication.

3. Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo

Francesco Renga, published the song on May 6, 2014. The theme is a declaration of love and the melodies and timbre are an innovative experiment for Renga, who focuses on an original sound.

The song is about a love so powerful that it destroyed itself, however, there is hope and desire of fighting because such a strong love will remain for life.

4. L’essenziale

Winner of the Sanremo Festival in 2013, the song “L’essenziale” marks the entrance of Marco Mengoni into the Italian music scene at the age of 25. In this song, Marco Mengoni talks about his fragility and desire for freedom.

He is living a period of transformation and incertitude. The author’s sincerity emerges from the lyric which probably addresses a woman.

5. Certe notti

Perhaps it is the most famous song by the rocker Ligabue. Many would tell you it is one of the best Italian songs of the 2000s. The tune was released on August 25, 1995. The lyric has the power to tell about life in a small Italian city. An evening that young people spend in search of meaning in their nights.

Between the village bar and a car that drives them away, lulled by the notes of Neil Young and the desire to seek some satisfaction even where there seems to be only endless plains, mosquitoes, and highways. Because after all, as Ligabue sings, “who settles for less enjoys life only a bit”.

6. Un’emozione per sempre

“Un’emozione per sempre”, “an emotion forever” is the title of a famous song by Eros Ramazzotti, published in 2003. The song is about the story of a finished but unforgettable love. It reminds him of many happy moments that leave a perpetual mark.

The singer declared that the song does not concern his ex-wife, but he dedicates his mother, however, one could also interpret the song differently. In Hungary, Eros Ramazzotti’s single remained at number 1 in the ranking for eight consecutive weeks.

7. Parlami d’amore

“Parlami d’amore” or “tell me about love” is a single from the Italian musical group Negramaro, which released the tune on May 25, 2007. The song won the 2007 Festivalbar and became one of the summer hits of that year.

Speak to me of love “has a melodic rock tune with an electronic vein. It speaks of the attempt to reconnect with love.

8. Per averti

“Per averti” means “To have you”. Is a piece of music by the famous Italian singer Adriano Celentano. The song is the result of the collaboration with authors Mogol and Gianni Bella. Celentano released the song in 2000 and it was immediately a radio hit.

9. Ragazza magica

“Magical Girl” is a happy love song. Typical ofJovanotti. The singer has been writing songs like this since the days of “Serenata Rap” but, until today, he still hadn’t realized why he liked singing about love so much.

He says “I just like it”. It is a splendid dedication to Francesca, his wife, and his “magic girl”.

10. Ti regalerò una rosa

One of the best Italian songs of 2000, Simone Cristicchi’s “I will gift you a rose” won the Sanremo festival in 2007. This is a very intimate piece. The song is basically the rereading of a letter written by a man who was been locked in a mental hospital since he was a child only for the excess of imagination.

It talks about the condition of people with mental disorders, moreover, it offers a reflection on the concept of madness and on what crazy people represent to society.

Wrapping up the 10 best Italian songs of the 2000s’

Did you know all the best Italian songs of the 2000s? Obviously, the list is questionable: it is not possible to decide univocally which are the best songs, because music is subjective. Each of us can get different feelings when listening to a lyric. Which is the best Italian song released in the 2000s according to you?

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10 Best Italian Songs of Years 2000
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